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Violated by Mr Price.

it wasn’t the best weekend, i’ll be honest. i took a few blows. the first blow came when i found out i wasn’t a finalist in the SA blog awards (rough). and literally minutes – minutes – after the nice lady at the suicide hotline had talked me out of ‘the easy way out’, i got what i can only describe as being a complete violation of my soul in the form of a Singing, Talking Mr Price Text Message.

this is not a joke. this is not some smarmy material I’ve invented for the sake of ‘interesting reading’. my phone bleeped normally, as if it were just another text message from FNB telling me someone had dropped another mil into my account, when my phone notched its volume up 5 levels and started telling me about ‘great deals’, ‘getting it’ and ‘account’.

needless to say, i had a complete meltdown.
not sure what i ever did to deserve this kind of violation. this kind of pain.

Mr Price - touching me in my special place.

Mr Price - touching me in my special place.

i dropped my phone and ran to the 24 hr engen & ate imported toffees until the police lady with the nice doggy came and walked me home.

Really Mr Price? Are you really okay with making me feel like this?
Hate life.