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Summer in the City: December 09

Had a magical summer holiday y’all. Going to ‘let the pictures do the talking’.


Hotel California

Pool party


Downtown Gardens

The Mountain and The Moon


Secret Beach


Pool Party New Year's


Beach Days




Pool Party New Years

Blue Moon at Midnight New Year's Eve

La Perla

Camps Bay

Aquatic Opera



City Bowl Paradise

And that concludes another stunning summer in Cape Town. You can see the rest of my photos here. What did y’all do with your holidays?

Gonna bark at the New Moon

Whistlin’ a new tune

Hopin’ it will “come soon”

So that I can die.

Just kidding y’ulz. Always get soooo wrapped up in Nelly Furtado lyrics. Think it’s because she ‘sings pop with soul’ and let’s Timbaland drop his beats on her. Am actually referring to the New Moon movie, which I won tickets to (for realz. Just can’t stop the ‘winniness’ from taking over. Thanks to y’als at Exclusive Books for making my life a better place to blog about). Not sure if y’ulz have heard but vampires are ‘really big’ right now therefore it is imperative that i ‘incorporate vampiric cues into my personal brand’. Have y’ulz made an effort to “add a touch of vamp vibes” 2 your PB? Or are you more of a “down-to-earth stinking werewolf dog scum hippie” type of person? Not judging, it takes all liquorice allsorts. Y’all be pleased 2 know that I had some veneers fitted the other day that give me a ‘subtle touch of vamp’ without being too ‘in your face’. My denty had to “sand down the incisors” to get a proper fit, which will probably cause tooth issues that i need “like a hole in the head” in later life but whatevs. All that matters is “being cool right now”. Soooo glad y’all understand!

Y'ulz like my new dentals? Feel like this has really moved me into a "whole new sphere of relevance".

PS. If y’ulz would like to attend the New Moon Midnight Screening with me, send your best vampy pic to alex@mybrandedlife.com and I’ll basically pick the strongest 3 personal brands to be my “vamptourage”. Yes yes y’ulz!

What am I down with?

Hey y’ulz. What l’il symbol shall I stick on my twavatar so ppl know what I’m down with?

As y’al know, I have a very carefully sculpted personal brand. Some might even call it a ‘work of art’. I have a dream, it looks like this:

Anyways been noticing that some of y’ulle have small l’il symbols on ur twitter avatars, & since I don’t have one I’ve been feeling like a ‘tard who missed the adoption curve bus and now has to lie in this bed of mud that I’m stuck in because I made it’. y’all ever feel like that? Kind of felt like that when everyone was hamming around in shutter shades and my sunglasses were all lame and ‘complete’. Never want that to happen again.

Hate having to overcompensate.

Hate having to overcompensate.

Decided to check out my options:

1. Can put a green filter on my avatar to show that I am ‘socially conscious & aware’ of the bad things happening ‘in the east’ and if you’re a political bro who knows that ‘liberal’ doesn’t actually mean ‘drinking a lot and having sex with ur friends’ then I am ‘down to fuck’ with you.

2. Can put a pink ribbon on my avatar to ‘show my support for breast cancer research’, probably because someone ‘close to me’ has died or suffered from the ‘scourge of the millennium’. Wouldn’t mind this but worried it will reveal that I don’t get that ‘cancer is what happens when u repress ur emotions’ & that enlightened ppl will mutter ‘go work in a soup kitchen’ under their breaths like that poster about how design is cancer.

Wish design didnt cause cancer yall.

Wish design didn't cause cancer y'all.

3. Can put a Silicone Cape twavatar but this will make me look like a ‘tard who didn’t read the part in Outliers about how pioneers don’t move in flocks’, but not rly sure anyone actually ‘read’ all of Outliers because it was a pile of crap.

Unique. Just like everybody else.

Unique. Just like everybody else.

This is not going to be an easy decision. Can someone make me a penis symbol? Might as well tell people that ‘I like the cock’, if nothing else. Feel like I should probably address basics before I get onto lofty things like politics, disease and religion. Forward me any suggestions. Peace y’ulz.

it’s all gonna be okay y’ulz.

Hey Y’ulz. Just want to use this post to illustrate the extreme complexity of the hooman mind. Basically interrupted my whole branded life ‘to rebrand’, When all I needed 2 do is cut a fringe. So just want y’all to relax – is just me, same old same new, is all gonna be okay. Just gonna let my fringe grow out a few days, and I’ll be back to normal. Apologies for ‘freaking out like Britney‘ and ‘going dead like Michael’.

Fringe is as good as a rebrand.

Fringe is as good as a rebrand.

no more PC. only Mac joy.

hello y’ulle. don’t worry i won’t pretend i was hacked for too long. i mean, not that i was pretending. i would never post something so demeaning about the man that is to be our future president. never.

anyways, got a mac. love it. as per tradition, took photo of self with photobooth. see:

I even look hotter on Macs camera.

Always hotter on a Mac.

What this means for y’ulle:

– not much.

– but it definitely will make me happier in general. more focused on the process, as opposed to the result.

– more pictures of me a la photobooth (good times, good times)

– more opportunities for me to rub my success in your face.

– more opportunities for me to pretend to be successful and have an amazing life, when in reality i live in a shoebox under the bridge on buitenkant street and i live off KFC scraps.

rad. bet nobody can’t hardly wait. see:

Total radness. Coming your way. Duck to get out of the way of the radness.

Total radness. Coming your way. Duck to get out of the way of the radness.

PS. Thanks Apple. Love ya. xx

morally ethical dilemma sorted: we did the right thing.

at least it made a really, really good story. click here to see why it’s very important to have a copywriter copycheck your URL. or any other piece of work you do online, for that matter. LOLs.

Investing in some good karma.

Investing in some good karma.