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thinking of starting an awards show. building a ‘voice of authority and measure of standards’.

feeling the whole awards vibe. adfocus has got me all excited. feel like i want to invent an awards show for ‘great, vibey and rad ideas’. that way i could label everything i do and like as ‘great, vibey and rad’ and everything else as whatever.

it could have a complicated and obscure title like The Capybara Street Pole & Radio Awards and it could focus on those 2 categories only. i could sell adspace at my awards show. and i could accept bribes from people who wanted to be called winners. it would basically be like any other awards show except i would be in charge, which is what would make it great.

i’d probably have to have some sort of disclosure on my judging criteria. the rough draught might look something like this:

– did the idea make people LOL?

– did the idea give people a ready-made opinion that they could use immediately as they go about their daily quest for low G.I. and the iPod with the most memory for their money?

– did the idea creators copy an internet genius and not credit them as the original idea creators, and did it cause a clutch of crusading creatives to get up in arms about it on bizcommunity [mandatory]?

– did the idea namedrop any famous SA tech bloggers so as to maximise Afrigator and Muti ratings?

– did the idea come into this world on some unknown foreign college kid’s blog as a drunken karaoke video with ‘untapped viral value’?

– is the idea available for download, and did they make a facebook app that you can forward to friends on their superwalls?

– does the idea come with a press pack for easy understanding on behalf of the awards writers in a word doccie so they can cut and paste and have ready-made content for their website and make them seem like they know what they are talking about?


not very inspired about sussing out awards criteria. maybe i can just get a part time job handing out awards on stage at various events. i could be the ashley hayden of advertising, and i’d keep my upper body completely stiff like a robot so viewers on tv question whether i am actually real.

The Face of The Loeries. Miss those days when you used to hand out grand prixes on tv.

The Face of The Loeries. Miss those days when you used to hand out grand prixes on tv.


“An Ad Man measures his contribution to society and his weight as a person of integrity by the number of guilded roaring wild feline friends adorning the shelf above the photocopy machine. ” -Bill Bernback