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Twitter Imposter

Just so y’all know, my old Twitter account (MyBrandedLifeTM) has been hijacked! So if you see someone tweeting at MBLTM, it’s not me. I am now @CapeTown_Girl. And that’s that.

read my writings in print

i’m opting out of blogging today because i’m so damn busy. but if you so desperately need your fix you’ll find an article of mine in the latest edition of onesmallseed (issue 13), on shelves today. it looks like it’s covered in bubblewrap. the mag, not the article. the article is just some garble about these shapes i see around town. it’s on page 34 and it’s called “The Jesus Saves Graffiti Eaters”. peace, y’ulle.  ps. i renewed my entry into the US National Green Card Lottery today. did you?

Feel me.

Feel me.

big important congratulations

to Alistair King on being named ‘Agency Leader of the Year’ at the Adfocus Awards 2008.

Our Al. A natural leader.

Our Al on the right. A natural leader.

I think we all share the sentiment his wife expressed by writing on Al’s facebook wall, namely that we are all very proud of you, Sparkles. Click here to read about how awesome Al is.


christmas party pressure. so much pressure to be clever and funny.

Executive Creative Director sent this mail around yesterday:

It seems people are taking the Christmas theme of dressing up as your favourite singer and/or band very literally. You are, of course, very welcome to put on a wig and short skirt and come as Tina Turner, or wear nothing but black and come as Johnny Cash or Roy Orbison, or get 3 friends and come as ABBA. But here are some thought starters on how to be a little less obvious:

Put a flashing blue light on your head and come as The Police.

You could wrap yourself in a black refuse bag and come as Garbage.

You could dress like James and come as James. Duh.

You could strap a Radio to your head and come as Radiohead.

Two of you girls could come naked with a stuffed springbok under your arm. Yep, you got.

You could get a friend, one of you dress in white, one in black, and come as Salt ‘n Pepa. Even better if you each drilled holes in your head.

We don’t however want anyone coming as The Strokes, ok?.

Good luck.

Over and Out.”

Feeling rly worried that i don’t come up with the smartest costume. Especially since I’m a copywriter and supposed to be strong on concept. Supposed to have a brain for strategy, but what if i’ve just got a brain for wanting to look hot at the Christmas party and dress up like Amy Winehouse because i have as much if not more hair than her. And if i have more than 1 drink (not likely, given brand dilemma) it’ll just look like i’m in character?

Dance floors heating up. Time for the speech about how our agency needs to give an extra 10 %.

Dance floor's heating up. Time for the speech about how our agency needs to give an extra 10 %.

Agency Christmas parties are always big on the pressure like this. See, it all depends on what tribe you belong to within the agency. the PR chicks will make any theme an excuse to dress like slaggy whores. you could make the theme ‘Potato Sack’ and they would put ripped fish nets under the potato sack and cut the sack really short.

Client service are kind of similar. you get those client service chicks who essentially come as themselves and then put a flower in their hair and say they are Madonna in that one video where she had a flower in her hair because they are so scared of not looking hot.

You can count on the events company getting pretty zany, since they go to so many parties and have seen every costume under the sun they will very often have access to the best rental places.

But if you’re in creative, there’s big pressure. Big pressure to make some sort of visual pun, to make people work out what you are. Sigh. Thinking of sticking to my original plan and going as crazy britney. really miss those days of hers. Made me feel really together, like a lifestyle brand as opposed to a niche electro label. Gotta keep innovating, I guess.

Should have been a copywriter not a pop star.

Should have been a copywriter not a pop star.

Need a device like a pink wig to warn ppl im on the rag.

Need a device like a pink wig to warn ppl i'm on the rag.

Test-driving a car im about to write radio ads for.

Test-driving a car i'm about to write radio ads for.

Pulling another all nighter. Need the Bull.

Pulling another all nighter. Need the Bull.

not sure i can take this whole ‘dress up as your favourite band/singer’ brief srsly unless there’s some sort of award going. can someone phone Arlene Donnenberg and ask her if we can get cre8ive circle points for highly conceptual and original xmas party costumes? scared i use up my mental desktop thinking of awesome outfits and don’t have any left for award-winning ideas. what if ideas like are the eggs in your ovaries? as in, are you born with a set amount and once you’ve used them all up they’re gone? can i get my ideas cryogenically frozen, that way if i need an idea when i’m over the age of 35 i can use the ones i stowed away in my youth? is it true that older women have ideas with higher IQs than younger women?


“Always use christmas parties as an opportunity to show your Creative Director that you are one crazy m*otherf*cker by taking off your top and flashing your breasts. That way he won’t think twice about sending the potentially award-winning new media tactical brief your way next time management has a status meeting at Vida.” – Bill Bernbach


product pulse: a living survey you want to take

my friend anne-sophie invited me to add a facebook application called Product Pulse yesterday, and i’m impressed. it’s the simplest idea and allows you to rate a product on whether you LOVE it, WANT it, NEED it or HATE it. some products are jacked enough so that you can even buy it, and some are also very specific (ie. if you search Red Hermes Bag you get a Red Hermes Bag and not just any Hermes bag). it’s not perfect yet, but once every store has got their merch available through this sort of application i reckon online shopping might take on a whole other level —- badging. Because what you want says more about you than what you have, right?

product pulse

see this way, i’ll be window shopping in order to show off the products i want, have or love to my friends, and window shopping is one step closer to buying. this is seriously an online shopping experiment that has HUGE potential. it also works off a system that worries brands more and more these days – peer endorsement. because every time you rate a product, it tells you who else has wants it, needs it or loves it, and you can REALLY see what’s going on in that foggy world of aspiration. also it’s just rad to space out and be a shallow consumer. it’s like the adult version of Dear Santa Claus…

cupcake friday – courtesy of Ash

thank you so much to one of our super grasses – Ashley Crosson – who totally surprised us by firstly, rocking up at the Cape Town office a few fridays ago (she lives in Jozi) and secondly, bringing us branded IG cupcakes, which she missioned to take with her on the airplane for us.

amazing ash

polkadot packaging




dan all over his box

ian gets modest

you are amazing ash. thank you from all of us.

Ash got the cupcakes from a bakery in Jozi called LoveSome, who have been featured in Cosmo, Elle and Food & Home. Click here to find out more.

sovereign academy party: armchair theatre, observatory

goran and nicole

Goran (Unit R) and Nicole

johan and ben

Johann from Kid of Doom and Ben from Johnny Neon also DJ Sasskwatch.

johan and jess

Johan and Jess, who used to work with us and now works as editor of Love Cape Town magazine.

blurry graff

Some random graffiti. Blurry too. I know.

one man’s injury, another’s opportunity

last night i sliced off a piece of my hand while changing the sheets on my bed. my hand caught the edge of the perspex lamp i have hanging over it. there was blood everywhere. very unnecessary. but a great excuse to finally use my Superman plasters.

branded superman plaster

night time brainstorm at the office

we got our grasses in to help us brainstorm a new product the other day. it was for an alcohol brand, and to get people thinking with their senses as well as just their brains we got all sorts of fruit flavours, savoury flavours, scents and visual stimulation and just put them out everywhere. we also got crayons and pencil crayons and pastels and paint and lots of paper and even some glitter glue.

ruth sticking stuff up

we got to taste 2 new products – as of yet nameless and without a brand, which is kind of weird, a bit like engaging with a person who has no name. well not really. then we got to brainstorming what we would call it and what we thought it tasted like and what our ideal drinks would taste like and what kind of bottle in would come in. we had some sushi breaks and drank more wine and ended up taking the best of everyone’s ideas and combining them to create… durn durn durn… our collective ideal drink. it sounds like a nightmare to execute, but it turned out surprisingly well, even though it was a bunch of consumers designing a drink. it’s rather refreshing to do this kind of thing with people who don’t work in advertising and brands every day. their thinking is generally clearer and just quite simple. which is exactly what we aim for but tend to spend so much time mucking around with. some pics of the evening:

2 of our lady grasses and priscillaconsumers getting involved with a fantasy brandmore consumer creativitypriscilla, ruth and shirley

Intern Jackie and Portiamy scribblesportia's scribblesserena on the swing (yes we have a swing)for the cameracleaning up at about 10.30 pm