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We can just create a facebook application, right? Wrong.

i highly recommend to all our clients that they read Seth Godin’s new book Meatball Sundae, which demystifies ‘New Marketing’ very succinctly. it basically says that if you’re selling meatballs, don’t go sprinkling toppings all over your offering, toppings in this case referring to an elaborate and badly thought out web presence.

i know from my experience clients are very keen to jump on the facebook wagon, and they think the easiest way to do this is create an application that users will add, but if we’re to be completely honest here, apps have lost the novelty allure that got users to add them in the first place. this post i found on 3 Minds is a useful guide to what will and won’t work. my reccommendation is simply: don’t do it. there are a million apps out there now, and when my friends invite me to add the ‘Which cupcake are you’ quiz, i delete them, because facebook apps have become the new spam.