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collaboration in print advertising

tore this out of last month’s elle. a collaboration between local designer Morgan and Opel Corsa. one of those ideas that looks great in positioning and strategy documents but then looks like a strategy document once executed. any thoughts?



why i bought the car i bought.

a lot of people have been asking ‘why’d you buy the toyota yaris’ so i thought i’d do a bit about it.

first things first, the obvious car in that category to buy would be the renault clio. since every young professional i’ve ever known has bought into the clio vibe, i just couldn’t do it because it didn’t make me feel like a pioneer, like i had discovered a product all for myself. also, to be honest, i find their advertising seriously patronising… not sure about the clio’s stuff specifically but the megane’s pseudo-french ‘Shake your Booty’ – seriously? you really want me to buy your car so i can shake my booty? just thinking the words ‘shake your booty’ makes me cringe. no deal. as for the actual car itself – the ads created some serious barrier to access, couldn’t bring myself to test drive one. pity, coz they’re lookers, the renaults.

the peugeot 207 was tempting, although my peugeot-owner friends are never satisfied with service quality, or attention to customer complaints, or even with the quality of the car. they’re an unhappy lot, though i believe service has improved in SA of late. as sexy as the brand is, i’m not at the point where i can afford to mess around on basics like, does the car work?

next on the list is VW Polo, which are cute little cars but i find VW to be quite outdated on the whole. also every second person drives them. that, and the fact that they get stolen all the time – not really practical in South Africa. again, i’m not at the point where i want to be messing around with insurance companies who may or may not pay out.

then we have the Hyundai Getz, and while it’s a rad little car it’s still a Hyundai and i don’t want to be like the girl in the ad who keeps telling Officer Bob to take his hand out the window. i’m also not a fan of the body shape – too square and clanky. ‘clanky’ is just the word that comes to mind when i look at the Getz.

also on the list are Fiat’s offerings but their body design is also completely unappealing to me so i didn’t even go there. the Multipla nearly made me choke on my own tongue when i first saw it – awful.

a close contender was the Ford Fiesta, because of the value for money and the many happy customers i know. while i was looking for a car my friend Kate was too, and she ended up with the Fiesta, but having driven around in hers i found the Yaris to be infinitely more spacious inside. again, Yaris beats Ford when looking at something as shallow as the body. but i am shallow like that, and it was a close call.

Opel Corsa – the new shape is better than the old one, though my ex boyfriend bought a corsa and we want to move forward in life, no? also it’s a bit pricey for what you’re getting. though the car i traded in was an Opel and exceptionally reliable. don’t have much bad to say about the car except for the associations with an old life.

those were the cars i looked at. the other little mini toys cars out there are not really cars in my opinion, and a major factor that i haven’t mentioned yet is safety – i am safety obsessed, therefore the airbags and side impact beams and high mounted engine in the front all working towards keeping me in one piece while out on SA roads made me very happy with my purchase. and the Yaris is the nicest design of all the hatches out there are present in my opinion, barring the peugeot, although their headlights are looking rather beady-eyed in comparison to how the other manufacturers have put a spin on what was their trademark.

and now you know.

*Update* I also first took a liking to Toyota during the final montage of the final episode of 6 Feet Under, where everyone dies and Claire drives off in a  Toyota Prius. 6 Feet Under is one of my all time favourite shows, and that scene also got me thinking about hybrids and the feasibility of environmentally aware cars being normal and for the first time seriously considering driving one.