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who am i? (behind the scenes of a Personal ReBrand)

who am i?

why am i here?

Rebranding Strategy:

1) Background

MyBrandedLifeTM is a blog. It has been around for nearly 2 years. It used to be a fairly serious journal of a young advertising hopeful, which evolved into a snarkie tongue-in-cheek commentary on life in advertising. It has a readership of 500 – 600 locals every day, the most views for any given post being 2 000 in one day (ie. very niche & can thus afford to ‘be specific’). Currently the author is going through a series of major life-changes which have forced her to reassess ‘why she even bothers’.

2. Competitors

The author has no real direct competitors, but loads of indirect competitors, including ‘real life’ which threaten to take away her readers. The author’s innate ‘sense of optimism’ also competes with her ‘snarkie insight’ in a never-ending ‘internal struggle’, except the author knows that nobody likes to read ‘positive, uplifting garbage’.

3. Unique Selling Proposition



To be continued.