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just Mad-Manned myself.

warning: it’s quite the anti-climax.

Hmm. Thrilling.

Hmm. Thrilling.

Bet some of you are going huh? Mad Men is that really mediocre show about advertising in the 60’s that no one watched. It was filled with ‘racy mysoginism’ and references to VW’s ‘Think Small’ ads. It was written to shock us all about how women were ‘treated like fuck-toys’ and good for nothing but ‘typing up the maleĀ  copywriter’s copy’ and such shizz. That’s what it was supposed to be about. For the viewer, it was 30 minutes of a mixture between Desperate Housewives on Demerol (ie. super slow and sulky) and Law & Order (have never watched L&O but it sounds dull enough to be the father of this bastard show). Really wish they’d got Tina Fey to write it like this show, instead of some repressed copywriter who’s dad owns the holding company of the television network (WPP). Okay that last line was just a guess, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I was right. If you’re even still reading this shitty post, you can ‘MadMen Yourself’ here.