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to get these shoes free i would…

We can be friends if you buy me these shoes.

We can be friends if you buy me these shoes.

a) Tattoo RBK somewhere prominent yet trendy, eg. the surface of my foot or the back of my neck or on my inner wrist.

b) write to RBK (which i am doing right now in an open letter kind of way) and tell them I Am What I Am (their campaign line for all your philistines) and therefore they should send me the shoes.

c) compromise the part of my personal brand that projects an Independent Woman image and ask my boyfriend to buy them for me (ha ha, i would never do that. Don’t forget when you compromise your personal brand for material things you have to consider what it will do to your relationship, and it’s not really fair to my man. To quote a great cereal company, “if it doesn’t say Kellog’s on the box, it’s not Kellog’s in the box”.)

d)  buy them with my cashmoney and then claim them back when i do my tax at the end of the year since having a personal brand means i am a personal business and get such benefits.

e) do nothing and wait 3 days until i get obsessed with some other equally cool object that I can scheme about getting free.

What’s it gonna be?