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seen around town: random hate speech

not really. these were from Halloween drinks at Jupiter a few weeks ago. nostalgia vibes. the interns made them. you can’t hold it against them, except when they come job-hunting. mail me for their names.

The Living Dead.

The Living Dead.

Isnt this their logo anyway?

Isn't this their logo anyway?


I'm dating one of these so nothing bad to say here.

indecision surrounding inter-agency soccer. will i drop the ball?

Oh hai i can haz penalty shootout? Laduma?

Oh hai i can haz penalty shootout? Laduma?

so i’m thinking of dropping out of soccer tomorrow night because there are no other girls playing. saatchi, ogilvy, kingjames – they couldn’t get a single girl on the team. does anyone else find that pretty weird? not that i’m the biggest soccer player. i don’t play at all. i do like running around and screaming and shouting though. that’s like soccer, right? hmm. when did agency soccer get all real and shiz? is this all part of the dreaded World Cup run up?

I was just informed that I will be giving the team a warm up. And I’ve also been informed that there will be free Nando’s. If anyone’s interested in watching this whole inter-agency soccer shebang we’ll be playing at Hartleyvale from 5.15pm.