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Has my blogging career peaked?

Y’ulz Seth Rotherham from 2OceansVibe reads my blog y’als! He said so on page 78 of December Elle Mag! (not on shelves just yet…be patient.) The one with Lily Allen looking like a naughty l’il slut on the cover.

Page 78! Go!

I could die y’als! Should I die? Should I end it all RIGHT NOW? Has my blogging career peaked? Should I quit now, ‘while i am ahead’? Wow y’ulz. Never imagined this day would come. Srsly. Need to lie down. Need to sit up straighter. Need to … dunno y’ulz. Just need to. Click Here to read a scan of the article. See the full article here. But wait – there’s more. He does it again here.

Srsly y’ulz. Should I die? Can’t handle the expectation. The pressure. Might have to tweet it 20 thousand billion times and post it on my fbook status and RT my fbook status on my blog on twitter ‘just to deal’.

my Big Day Out

Hey y’ulz. Had a serious reality check this am. Just kind of realised that there’s more to Cape Town than Wembley Square. Seriously – this is massive progress for me. Had my morning Vida at Green Point Vida as opposed to the usual Wembley Square, which threw me for starters. A lot of mommies with Dior glasses chumming little brats in babygap with pasteis de coco. Anyway, then made my way with my mucho Meie de Leit over to the Cape Royal hotel (which is very pleasant indeed – I could probably be quite happy there were it my official residence) where I was to drop nugget bombs of web marketing wisdom for the Huddlemind Word of Mouse course (which I did quite well – even wore a dress, showed some leg). Finished my talk and then stayed to hear Seth Rotherham talk about his rise to internet stardom via 2oceansvibe, which is a great story, btw, try corner him in the bathrooms at Caprice and make him tell it to you some day. MAKE him.  All in all this was a lot of stimulation for one morning and am nowly safely back at Wembley, ‘getting on with work’. Am considering branching out and going to Camps Bay vida tomorrow am, but that might just be too much for one week.

The man, the legend.

The man, the legend.

Id be pretty happy staying in one of these swanky bathrooms.

I'd be pretty happy staying in one of these swanky bathrooms.