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still searching for a Loeries gimmick. still.

ShouldI dress up like the Doritos “Snowglobe” Superbowl ad?

Should I wear an Obama mask? Or should my outfit rhyme with “Yes we can”?

Yes we can green eggs and ham.

Yes we can green eggs and ham.

Should I dress up as a Social Media Consultant?

Should I hijack the big screen and plug in a powerpoint about how the youth are skeptical about traditional advertising / don’t believe the official spokesperson only the unnamed source / hate getting branded SMSes?

Feel like that last idea’s been done before at one of the 90’s Loeries.

Should I ‘get so wasted and trip my tits off’ when I go onstage ie. party on bra?

Should I sniff really loudly when I accept the Loerie so ppl think I am on cocaine, and perpetuate a sterotype that really only applies to a minority of creatives, usually the ones in Dubai? sigh. so many options.

Should I get guns tattooed on my hips / shoulders / breasts? Be ‘that gun chick’?

Should I go on stage barefoot and do push-ups with my pinkie toe?

Should I propose to my boyfriend / art director on stage?

Should I cut my face with a knife?

Should I commit ‘recession suicide’?

Should I quit my job onstage and announce that I just want to be ‘an independent creative focusing on my own personal projects’?

Should I dedicate my award to independent creatives focusing on their personal projects because they are poor  unknowns who ‘deserve a break’?

Help me y’ulle. The tock is clicking.

Just searching for a Loeries experience that cuts through the clutter yulle.

Just searching for a Loeries experience that 'cuts through the clutter' y'ulle.