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get your money for nothing and your clicks for free

How agency-client negotiations would sound in real life:

got this little gem from JontyFisher (who’s being quoted all over the world these days..ahem ahem New York Times) . thanks dude. funny stuff. speaking of wanting something for nothing, i got the following email this morning (i kid you not):

Hey Alix.

Found your blog on 2oceans and I can dig it. My name’s Jonah* and I’m studying Marketing at Rhodes. What I really dig about your blog is the real-world insight it gives me into advertising and it has made me set that this is the career for me. I loved your article on trendspotters – classic! I have even come across trendspotters in Rhodes.

The reason I’m writing is I’m doing my thesis on How The Conversation Killed Advertising and was wondering if you could give me some pointers. I’m basically looking for businesses that are been using alternative media for their advertising campaigns rather than TV, radio, billboards etc. Basically businesses using facebook or youtube and such. Could you send me a write-up of your XXXXXXX Campaign? I heard it was a great success from reading some other marketing blogs, and one of my course tutors said he saw you speak at a short course he did. It doesn’t have to be long, point-form is fine, and include any relevant pictures. Thanks I’d appreciate it very much if you could oblige me. The first draft of my thesis is due at the end of June so if you could basically get it to me by the end of next week it would be fine.


*Name has been changed to prevent extreme ridicule.

~~~~~ He actually gave me a deadline. It’s too good. When I received this, I printed it out and rubbed it all over my face, letting the ink seep into my skin in an attempt to become *one* with the email. My reply: ~~~~~

Dear Jonah

Thank you so much for contacting me. I have heard about you – in fact, we as an industry have all heard about you and your talent, and are waiting with sweet anticipation for you to get your degree so that we might snap you up into our ranks where we have no doubt you will use your insight into non-traditional advertising to transform the industry.

I will begin my write-up on the XXXXXX campaign immediately. Basically, I have a host of deadlines going on, including writing rationales for my agency’s Loerie Awards Entries, which I will put on hold so that I can get to writing up the case study of the XXXXXX campaign. I will be sure to place all information in succinct prose where point form does not suffice, and will send an instruction to DTP immediately for them to resize all images from the campaign so that you are satisfied. Would you like me to courier over the disc with the information in it? Or would you prefer that I deliver the disc in person? Basically, I’d be honoured to be of service to you in any way. It’s my grandmother’s birthday this evening but I will happily cancel and drive through to the Eastern Cape to make sure you get all the information you might need.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s anything more I can do for you. I could offer to write your thesis for you, perhaps? I am a copywriter after all. Anything. You just basically let me know.

Yours in anticipation, basically,


Design Indaba time.

Pretty amped about Design Indaba tomorrow y’ulle. Gonna camp outside the CTICC so I can register first and get the best free goodie bag / t-shirt / sticker sheet. I usually manage to make a quick buck re-selling them to advertising students.

Remember being at AAA / Vega / Red and Yellow and your lecturer would saunter in with a Design Indaba goodie bag and you’d be so jealous. There were always those rich kids whose parents could afford to dish out R7 million for a ticket who would have the bags too. Then the lecturer would clean his office out at the end of the year and there was always a fistfight to see who would get the Design Indaba bag.

Guess she didnt get the bag.

Guess she didn't get the bag.

Anyways not really gonna camp outside the CTICC. Besides this year I pretty much own Design Indaba because I worked on the line in the corner of one of the posters. I pretty much own that joint. They know my name. My hair smells like rich mahogany. I basically am Design Indaba 12.

I am who I am.

I am who I am.

Question: Have you ever done anything crazy to get your hands on a ticket to Design Indaba?

For example, I once left a really great job at an ad agency to go work for a chicken-stuffing company because they promised me a full ticket to Design Indaba (agencies make you share tickets so you can imagine how appealing this was). Wasn’t the smartest move because they lied and made me stuff chickens all day.  Total bummer, y’ulle. Wish I could slag them off all over the internet, but will settle for slagging them off all over Cape Town.

What crazy thing have you done for DI tickets?

new Western Cape Liquor Bill – good or bad thing?

so a lot of people on ‘the facebook’ are inviting me to sign some sort of pantyliner petition protesting the passing of the Western Cape Liquor Bill. this bill will mean clubs and places of disrepute will not be able to sell alcohol past 2am, thereby destroying lives, leaving children parentless, causing multiple road accidents, causing crime, pushing drunkards out into the streets where they cause chaos – oh no wait – that’s what happens if the liquor bill doesn’t get passed. that’s what happens right now, as it is. sorry for the confusion.

it’s hard not to see the flagrant injustice in the passing of this kind of bill. what will all those middle class afda / cape tech / UCT / vega dropouts have to blame their pregnancies on? how will rich white kids explain how they got syphilis to their parents, now that the only acceptable excuse –“i was sooo fucked” – will no longer be available? will it force the girls to admit that they just wanted to ‘secure a man’ for the future? is there anything wrong with ‘securing a man’ through pregnancy? is getting pregnant cheaper than taking out a policy with liberty life / more viable than getting a job? is getting syphilis more ‘fun’ than registering for tax? what your experiences y’ulle? is sleeping with all your friends more appealing than ‘getting a job’ and ‘being responsible adults’? hey have you ever heard drinkers boasting about how many pedestrians they’ve killed? apparently it’s the latest thing – getting drunk and then driving home / into a wall / into someone’s child / into another car. gotta stay ahead of what’s cool y’ulle.

and what about the ‘liberals’ who like to converse on the balconies of Long Street (The Waiting Room, Neighborhood), telling each other lies about who they are and offering each other jobs they don’t have the authority to offer? how will groups of friends all sleep together now that there’s nowhere to hang out drinking until having an orgy / hooking up with your ‘best friend’ seems like it’s a good idea? how will slags steal boyfriends now that most boyfriends will be sober and home at a decent hour? i feel like this liquor bill is really gonna throw a spanner into Cape Town’s social workings, y’ulle.

Save the liberals, yulle. They are just sensitive, creative souls who need to express themselves through getting drunk and sleeping with their friends / classmates / colleagues / friends of friends / the chick no one else wants to sleep with (pity f*ck a.k.a. material for art)

Save the liberals, y'ulle. They are just creative souls who need to express themselves through getting drunk and sleeping with their friends / classmates / colleagues / friends of friends / the chick no one else wants to sleep with (pity f*ck a.k.a. material for 'art')

without booze, how will we connect y’ulle? how will we overcome our introvert-by-nature personality types? how will we meet random strangers whom we can add as friends on facebook the next day, so we can tell ourselves that we are ‘meeting cool people’ and are ‘really connecting with awesome people, man’. how will we pretend that living in Cape Town is in any way socially rewarding?

how will we make mutually embarrassing memories to be brought up later in the workplace / at college / at tech / at varsity / at creative collective meetings / at Royale before our waitressing shift starts? what will we talk about if not how f*cked we all got last night (“Whoa last night was soooo hectic man”)? what will we say in our facebook statuses if we can’t say “xxx is ready to party! xxx just wants to party bro! xxx is feeling last night’s party man”?

I just wanna party. Lets party. Man, i was sooooo f*cked. I bonked some chick without a condom dude. What a party! Right on!

"I just wanna party. Let's party. Man, i was sooooo f*cked. I bonked some chick without a condom dude. What a party! Right on!"

Hey dude, when do we party? Can you pour shots of vodka in my mouth? Lets get so f*cked up a bonk a man instead of a chick. Whoo hoo whatever bra! Just, like, party!

"Hey dude, when do we party? Can you pour shots of vodka in my mouth? Let's get so f*cked up and bonk a man instead of a chick. Whoo hoo whatever bra! Just, like, party!"

i personally don’t know what the big fuss is about because y’ulle can just start drinking a little earlier. have y’ulle learnt nothing from the Winehouse? she just drinks all day, unphased by pub closing times. it doesn’t really interest me much because i don’t drink. drinking makes you ugly y’ulle. it makes your cheeks puffy and saggy and it bursts the little veins in your face. but i guess y’ulle who are drinkers sleep with other drinkers while drunk so you forgive stuff like that. i guess it helps coz you can tell if your potential mate ‘shares your interests’ while you’re sober because they look like shit. but i’m just surmising here. maybe y’ulle can set me straight. go have a party and set me straight.

“One for my baby, and one more for the Rosacea.” – Frank Sinatry, drinker opposed to the Western Cape Liquor Bill

a student’s guide to getting into advertising

Harold actually quite liked having mud on his face.

Harold actually quite liked having mud on his face.

this is a fun little flash guide done by the Art Director’s Club that gives you tips on how to get into the old ad industry.