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this one time (at brand camp)

We made hats and we lived the brand/

We made hats and we 'lived the brand'/

I’m going to go to brand camp
i’m going to room with my account manager
we are going to ‘break boundaries’
between creative and suits
we are going to make it about the work
we are going to live the brand (at brand camp)

we are going to catch each other
and build physical trust
that will translate into superior  advertising (Grand Clio Loerie Lion Prix)
happier volume-driven clients
and a richer boss with a better car (R8)
the brand will live through us (at brand camp)

going to go to brand camp
going to ‘overdo it a little’ at dinner
going to confide in my boss about how I went to therapy for cutting myself
and in the heat of the moment believe we have ‘transcended the system’
but just pretend it never happened in the morning
and sit on the opposite sides of the bus (leaving brand camp)

going to go away to brand camp
going to ‘workshop brand messaging’
and ‘redefine strategic parameters’
going to outline an ‘actionable plan’ with which to ‘penetrate the market’
going to draw a lot of diagrams on big white sheets of paper
and tear them off and stick them on the walls (at brand camp)

going to go away to brand camp
going to get flirty with someone inappropriate
and play down his marriage
so I can get a promotion, or just not get retrenched

going to go away to brand camp
going to find myself through the brand
going to live the brand
and let the brand live through me
going to discover myself at brand camp
that one time (at brand camp).

ripe for sponsorship: clap your hands say Eurafrica

i spent my sunday night at Obz Cafe’s theatre, sipping coffee and munching on cheescake, watching a play that made me weep with laughter. Eurafrica  – written by Lucy Heavens and Sarah Jane Scott – is a 2 woman satire about contemporary white South Africans. it’s completely politically incorrect but at the same time manages to be objectively honest, so they get away with it. the storyline goes (in their words):

“Aida and Gwen feel unwanted and scared in South Africa.  They’ve considered leaving, but Europe is very cold and they only have South African passports. After a divine visitation from their ancestors, Cecil John Rhodes and Queen Victoria, they are encouraged to mobilise ‘their people’ towards the formation of ‘EurAfrica’.  It’s a haven for all those English liberals in South Africa who want a place to call home. 

Gwen and Aida embark on a deeply ironic journey through their colonial past and an awkward celebration of their English heritage to convince the people of their dubious cause.”

aida and gwen

let it be known that my stomach still hurts. it’s exceptionally witty and extremely relevant. highlights include… oh go see for yourself. it’s at Obz Cafe every Sunday night until 2 December. starts at 8.30, it’s best to go around 7.30 and have a drink, maybe something to eat before the show. tickets are R49, and i recommend you book a table as there wasn’t any free space that i could see. Click here for their offical website.

if you’re a brand speaking to youth white south africans between the ages of 18 – 28, here’s some content you might want to get involved in. suggestions include sponsorship, exclusively promoting trial and sampling of your brand during the performance (atmosphere is very condusive to it), merchandising, even turning it into a television special. kinds of brands it would suit: edgy, say it like it is brands, fashion, alcohol – great for experiential, strong retail partner.