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real-time fairy tales: writing twistori

Twitter tends to yield cool stuff like this every now and again. if you’re into post secret, or group hug, or anything else to do with human truths, you should like twistori. it’s based on some of the work done by we feel fine, and depending on which emotion you click on it gives you a perpetually scrolling story made up of what people are tweeting about.

Endlessly scrolling tweets. Does the old Page Down button good.

Endlessly scrolling tweets. Does the old Page Down button good.

a day of lists

first one being South African Twitter users wiki.

and then second being number 1638 on the Million Blog List experiment.

We can just create a facebook application, right? Wrong.

i highly recommend to all our clients that they read Seth Godin’s new book Meatball Sundae, which demystifies ‘New Marketing’ very succinctly. it basically says that if you’re selling meatballs, don’t go sprinkling toppings all over your offering, toppings in this case referring to an elaborate and badly thought out web presence.

i know from my experience clients are very keen to jump on the facebook wagon, and they think the easiest way to do this is create an application that users will add, but if we’re to be completely honest here, apps have lost the novelty allure that got users to add them in the first place. this post i found on 3 Minds is a useful guide to what will and won’t work. my reccommendation is simply: don’t do it. there are a million apps out there now, and when my friends invite me to add the ‘Which cupcake are you’ quiz, i delete them, because facebook apps have become the new spam.

notes from my googlereader

i’ve only just got into google reader. and if i was completely honest i’d name this post ‘notes from my delicious’ but where googlereader wins is that i actually check it whereas i’m not great at checking my delicious network. we’re busy developing and changes our IT structures at work, and are in the process of building a social networking type system as a brief submission alternative to email for our grasses – very exciting but i won’t say too much just yet as we’re just about to test it. we’re also exploring getting our office onto a google server and synchronising our calendars etc etc so i’ve been playing around with google, and i’m pleasantly surprised.

anyhow googlereader pulls all your RSS feeds from your favourite sites into an email type format, which you can open while you’re logged into your email, so it’s a lot easier than trying to check all those sites again or even remember what they are. here’s what googlereader brought me this week:

oh the irony: a short article about beijing’s fakes market developing its own ‘Silk Street’ brand.

silicon valley insider talks about how perhaps people don’t value music enough to pay for it in any format, on an article on the slowing of digital music sales.

i’ve been talking to a lot of our clients about personal branding lately, and this company that you can hire to get photographers to follow you around as if you are famous is a great example of this trend manifested.

an article about how much of your positioning is in your price tag, especially if you sell wine.

a thought-provoking argument from the guardian about how facebook’s on a mission to take over the world. i mean, how much do we know about the company anyway? (not dissing, just saying)

and then on the topic, this speaks about the popularity of virtual or ‘concept’ products, and how consumers are as much into buying stories as they are things.

found quote of the day: talking about facebook not allowed


at an article talking about facebook being valued at $15 billion. madness.