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Moxyland Soundtrack Album – out now

i got this as a birthday gift from the author, amongst many fabulous gifts, but i am very excited about it. i’ve never heard of a book being released with a sound track, let alone a south african work of fiction. apparently you can buy them with the book in store. i’ve included a back pic so you can see which tracks are on it. am happy to see super evil’s there – it is iconic as far as original music goes in cape town. i particularly love the THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY hidden in the clip in the jewel case. cover design by SA designer Dale Halvorsen.

thought for the day

some graf found in gardens. believe it’s the work of milkitost.


and then i found this on my phone, took it at gardens centre around Easter time. would you not be frightened to death of this if you were a kid? looks like it’s about 50 years old.