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what is global warming?

Hey y’ulle. I’ve noticed a lot of people talking about this thing called ‘Global Warming’ lately. They also talk about ‘sustainability‘ and ‘going green‘. Apparently it’s all because of some consumer fad called ‘Recycling‘. I read on some trend blog that Recycling is the 80s Shoulder Pad Fad reinterpreted. Not sure I should buy into it. My personal brand says I should stick to trends and ignore fads.

“You a fad / that means it somethin’ that we already had / but once you gone / you don’t come back” – Dr Dre featured in Eminem’s Anthem for a Generation “Encore”

I just did some research and according to The Diesel Global World Report, Global Warming is gonna be rad. Diesel has paid an artist to render their findings so that you can better get an idea of what will happen when Global Warming hits. These are the results:

Cant wait for the ice caps to melt.

Can't wait for the ice caps to melt.

Gonna go make a nest on a building.

Gonna go make a nest on a building.

Cant wait.

Can't wait for the endless summer.

Not sure what everyone’s on about. Just looks like the world will eventually become one big beach, which is what we’ve all been working for, anyway. Also, I heard at some blog party that all the ‘green this, green that’ is just a viral campaign for Hyperrama. Nice one. They’ll probably win a Loerie Grand Eagle Prix for it.

Guess I don’t want to be completely out of what’s in, you know? I’ve been thinking about how I can tastefully incorporate this new socially-aware movement into my life so it makes me look like a person who is ‘responsible, enlightened and aware‘. Maybe I should get some hemp socks from Woolworths or some Hemp Hand Cream from the Body Shop and just tell myself that the tube isn’t made of lead. Maybe I can preach to my friends but just ignore the fact that I drive a Hummer. Like I said, don’t want to get too into this fad coz it’s about to tip mainstream any minute now, like pencil skirts.

where my extended family live (and i have just been)

i’m sorry

Home? Check. Buffalo roam? Check.

Home? Check. Buffalo roam? Check.

And i’m sorry to post these pictures of their view, which are one Swartberg Mountain range, currently covered with snow:

Fresh, crisp mountain air. The Baaaaa of sheep somewhere close by.

Fresh, crisp mountain air. The Baaaaa of sheep somewhere close by.

Now get back to work, before I post pictures of the white fluffy lambs that surrounded me on the other side.

awesomeness of the day: 1up cupcakes

made by my friend renee for her boyfriend’s birthday. super cool.

brands being socially conscious

Cape Union Mart’s come out with a fleece made purely from recycled materials.


Visi magazine released a biodegradable shopping bag:


these recycled notebooks are made by the Remarkable company, and you can get them at the Wellness Centres springing up around town:


YDE has some recycled shoppers too:



Vida e caffe gets its green on:



interesting stuffs

Time magazine’s first ever Blog Index.

Damien Hirst + Andy Warhol + Levi’s Pop-up Retail store at Fred Segal in the states. eerie and cool.


Friends of mine Jen and Cuan won a trip to Zanzibar in a design-off at Design Indaba this year (old news but at last i have found a picture of the ad):


wine on the move

introducing Chatta Box. it comes in a tetrapak, so you can take it pretty much anywhere (it’s resealable) but even better, it’s recyclable.


thanks to Nick for the pics of the launch. definitely a product to look out for over summer.

launch venue

lots of pretty colours and pretty girls, the launch was at the Planetarium in Cape Town last thursday at 4pm.



not a great shot of the POS or the packaging but you get the idea: